Blue Pansy

Blue Pansies are Perfect For Your SFG

This is a question that I get from many people whenever I do lectures or talks around the country.  They ask me, “Why should I waste the space that SFG saves to put in flowers when I could be growing even more vegetables?”  It’s a good question and one that I thought I should answer on my blog so I can record my answer once and for all.

It has always been my recommendation to add flowers to your Square Foot Garden.  Do you know why? I usually ask this question in a lecture and the audience responds with many different answers, including:

  • They attract beneficial insects
  • They encourage pollinating bees
  • They add to the companion planting methods

Those are the most common, but there are other reasons that come up too.  Now, those are all very good reasons, but we put flowers in our SFG because…they’re pretty! If your garden is pretty you will go to it more often to admire it. If you go to it more often you’ll take better care of it. If you take better care of it, it will reward you with better harvest. And thus, everyone is happy.

Also, it’s very important to remember that a Square Foot Garden takes only 20% of the space of a comparable row garden yet produces 100% of the harvest, so it’s now possible to locate your new SFG close to the house and not way out back by the property line. That also means you’ll be able to visit it more often, admire it more closely, enjoy it more often, thus taking care of it better. And it’s a complete closed circle that keeps everyone, you and the plants happier, healthier and more prosperous!