The successes of our Square Foot Gardening efforts worldwide have caused me to think that Square Foot Gardening may just be the answer to eliminating world hunger.  The new mission of the Square Foot Gardening Foundation is simple:

Teach the world how to feed itself, one square foot at a time.

“I’m frustrated at times,” says Mel, “I think we’re putting the cart before the horse, but no one can understand that. There are people and organizations spending billions of dollars to save children from diseases, but then they are sending them out into a world that is starving to death.  Why don’t we fix that first? Why don’t we teach people how to feed themselves? No one and no organization has comprehended yet that this simple method of Square Foot Gardening could be the answer to world hunger.” What will it take?

“So many of our countries efforts at foreign aid and humanitarian work is to show the farmer how to grow more food using more fertilizer and bigger equipment, but the starving people still have to buy the food and they don’t have any money. In the meantime, we keep shipping pallet after pallet of food to the hungry people until they become dependent on our aid.”

Does that make any sense? Is that a solution ? The frustrating part is everyone talks “feed a man a fish “ but no one wants to “teach a man to fish.”  We at the Square Foot Gardening Foundation teach the family how to SFG.

When are we going to wake up and really solve hunger?

When are we going to wake up and really solve malnutrition ?

Will YOU help?