Mel with Broccoli

Gigantic broccoli, one at a time!

You wouldn’t go to the grocery store and buy a huge basket of lettuce, would you? That’s a 20 ft. row planted the old fashioned way in single  row gardens.

You wouldn’t go to the store and buy 20 heads of broccoli all at once, would you?  No. That’s a 20 ft. row planted the old fashioned way in single row gardens.

You might buy one head at a time.  Then next week, you would buy another head of broccoli.  So, why do single row gardeners plant a 20-foot row of broccoli spaced 12 inches apart all at once?

Tradition, folks, it’s called tradition.  Square Foot gardeners plant just a few plants, then next week a few more, and maybe a few more in two weeks.  Just so you stretch out the harvest, so that it is ready when you need it or want it.  SFG says, “Plant just a little bit at time, but do it continuously; so, your harvest is a little bit at a time, but also continuously.”  Doesn’t that make sense?

I know a lot of you might be thinking that it’s cheaper when you go to the big box stores or clubs to buy in big quantities, but that is for items that store and keep for a long time, like bars of soap, not heads of broccoli.

So let’s get rid of the single row method the experts keep teaching us.

It’s antiquated, wasteful and harmful to the environment.