I recently got an email from a SFG fan named Lynn.  Lynn’s walking partner wanted to install her own SFG but didn’t want to use grids.  Lynn responded “Why would you NOT want to use a grid?”

Lynn gave me the great idea….She said “Somehow people need to have an “aha moment” about grids. An ‘Ohhhhhh! I get it now’ experience. Sometimes you just need a gimmick to get people’s attention and get ’em thinking. A Square Foot Garden without a grid is like. . .


  1. A Square Foot Garden without a grid is like painting a wall with a Q-tip. (Yeah, it’ll probably work, but there’s a lots better way.)
  2. A Square Foot Garden without a grid is like a chocolate cake without frosting. (With just a little extra effort you end up with a MUCH better product.)
  3. A Square Foot Garden without a grid is like the difference between a Hyundai and a BMW; an Albertson’s day old doughnut and a fresh Krispy Kreme; margarine and butter; vinyl and leather. (No explanation necessary. I mean really. . . which one would you rather have?)
  4. Grids are like children. Vegetables are like teenagers: they want their OWN rooms. They’re happier, healthier, and more cooperative. If you won’t do it for yourself, DO IT FOR YOUR BROCCOLI!
    If you have a catchy, fun grid comparison…post it below or email it to askmelsfg@gmail.com.  Include a picture of you and your gridded SFG if possible, and I will post it on my Facebook page. Happy Gardening!


A Square Foot Garden Without a Grid

  • John Wheeler, PA:  is like a wall full of paintings without frames.
  • Survival Gardener: is like a Brit without braces.
  • Robby, Iowa: is like a cup of hot chocolate without marshmallows.
  • Gunny, AZ: is like a drill without bits.
  • Dan Lakey, Arkansas:  is like a house without any interior walls.
  • Mel in CA:  is like a birthday cake without candles.
  • James Vinson, AR:  is like a spreadsheet without a grid.
  • Jeannette, CA:  is like most breasts without bras. All over the place.
  • Jeryl, Nevada: is like making a salad without knowing what I have in the bowl.
  • Mel in CA:  is like a Christmas Tree without lights!