We have another option for you. Some people are handy and would like to make duplicate copies of our products, like boxes, tomato towers, top hats, and everything you see in our catalog. All of the above is for someone who becomes certified. The method is trademarked, copy-written, as are all the books and videos so a competitor cannot go out and sell or make products and call them Square Foot Gardening, but if you become certified, you can, and we’ll help set you up in business. We’re starting to enlarge the idea of selling and raising your own crops and Jim is showing the lead in that. He is gaining valuable experience now to be able to help set up others in a similar business in their community. We’re talking now about thousands of dollars every year, doing a hobby, and dealing with some very nice people that will greatly appreciate your efforts and produce. Remember SFG is ALL organic. That’s a very big selling point for the entire method.

We have many followers, both certified and newcomers, who are volunteering in their area to build and maintain community gardens, in churches, schools, nursing homes and community parks. The spring season is just starting and there are some wonderful opportunities out there for just about everyone. Please let me know your desires and thoughts and let’s see if we can help you do something you’ll remember the rest of your life.

Where would you like to see a demonstration SFG in your town or neighborhood?

  • school
  • library
  • church
  • park
  • your front yard

And how would you get started with one of those?  Just project your thoughts forward and think of one 4×4 with a tomato tower already installed and you have accomplished that.  Think of the pride and joy you will have as well as all of your friends, neighbors, and family in what you have accomplished.

Let us help you get yourself certified first and as you complete the course, let us know the interest and possibilities. From our past experience it is very easy to get permission for just one 4×4.  It’s easy to keep up and you’ll find many people volunteering to help maintain it and keep it looking attractive and productive.  So there’s a goal for you.  Make that your graduation gift to the Square Foot Gardening Foundation.

Good luck!