In our future plans for our SFG University, we’re going to have a special section for women in business.

I’ve talked about SFG as both a hobby, food machine, family activity, right up to a solution for world hunger. Of course, all the people, companies, organizations, and anyone dealing with world hunger, including all of the governments (both ours and theirs) don’t really want a solution to world hunger. Shocking, you say? Why, you ask? Because if that happened, all of the above would be out of business and have nothing to do. So despite the terrible accusation that they don’t want a solution, I’ve seen this in its true form in many cases, both in church organizations, governments on both sides and humanitarian organizations.

You know the old biblical saying, “Give a man a fish-teach him to fish” ? Our foundation’s thoughts are to teach the women of the family how to have a small garden right outside their backdoor and raise fresh nutritious crops to improve the nutrition of their children. After all, a woman’s goal in life is to raise happy healthy children. A man’s goal in life is to support and take care of his wife and children. But we have found that men have too many grandiose ideas and plans and can’t grasp the solution of their family’s hunger and malnutrition in a small box of plants at their home. It just doesn’t seem like a big enough solution.

In our projects overseas, especially in third world countries, we found all of the above to be very true. The governments would like to help, but not too much. The men of the family are interested, but just up to a certain point. The women will say, “I will do anything for my children” and that’s our target. They are our solution, along with Square Metre Gardening, to solving world hunger.

But then I got thinking, is there some other opportunities here in what we’re teaching? And how many women right here in the USA would like to earn some extra income, especially if they don’t have to leave their house and can still tend to the children and raise the family? So I kept thinking of all the different ways that SFG could help someone have an added income. Of course, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is, if you grow your own, you’ll cut your food bill in half. So although you don’t bring in money, you save half of the money that goes out for your groceries.

But then we thought, if we could train people to be SFG Teachers/Instructors, we could then set them up to teach others and to sell them SFG products. We could start our own Amway Company and even something like Mary Kay. The only difference would be that our goal is not to create a profitable business for the owners, but to allow more people to earn their own money and share the knowledge and joy of Square Foot Gardening. So to join this, all you have to do is become a certified instructor and there are several ways to do that. I think the best way is attend one of our three day symposiums. That way, it’s a concentrated, hands-on, meet the leaders of our foundation and be trained in person by them.

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Great news! The next one is coming up in just a few weeks, March 21-23, 2013 in Halifax, North Carolina. It’s going to be taught by our CEO, Victoria Boudman, and her able assistant, Davanna Driggers, both from South Carolina headquarters.

The other method is to take our online course, run by Belinda and Amie, who do an excellent job doing several online live sessions:

The last way is to do a home study course, either individually, or as a small group. Details and sign up on our website:

You can also volunteer to become a host with either your master gardener group or just any group that you belong to, and we will see that it gets taught by qualified leaders. Once you become a certified instructor, you can then start teaching in your neighborhood and area everyone that wants to learn a simple, easy method of gardening. If you give lectures, you can charge for them, and usually you can sell books after. You order the books wholesale from our foundation and sell them at the retail price, sharing and pocketing the proceeds. As they say on TV…But WAIT! There’s more: We can help you set up workshops you can give right in your backyard or suggest how you can become a coach for individual families. We even have a separate publication, a section taken from my second book, titled “Cash from Square Foot Gardening,” on how you can raise and sell your own crops from your backyard. It tells you all the details on how to set up your own grocery business, who to sell to, how to sell, and all the other details for running a small business, even if you’ve never done it.

We have another option for you. Some people are handy and would like to make duplicate copies of our products, like boxes, tomato towers, top hats, and everything you see in our catalog. All of the above is for someone who becomes certified. The method is trademarked, copy-written, as are all the books and videos so a competitor cannot go out and sell or make products and call them Square Foot Gardening, but if you become certified, you can, and we’ll help set you up in business. We’re starting to enlarge the idea of selling and raising your own crops and Jim is showing the lead in that. He is gaining valuable experience now to be able to help set up others in a similar business in their community. We’re talking now about thousands of dollars every year, doing a hobby, and dealing with some very nice people that will greatly appreciate your efforts and produce. Remember SFG is ALL organic. That’s a very big selling point for the entire method.

We have many followers, both certified and newcomers, who are volunteering in their area to build and maintain community gardens, in churches, schools, nursing homes and community parks. The spring season is just starting and there are some wonderful opportunities out there for just about everyone. Please let me know your desires and thoughts and let’s see if we can help you do something you’ll remember the rest of your life.