Your county County Agricultural Extension Agent is your friend. Their staff, including their Master Gardeners, all have the answers to just about any problems you are having.

How do they know so much?  Well, they live, work, and garden right where YOU live.  They know the best varieties to plant in your area, what bugs to expect and how to protect your garden from their potential damage, potential diseases your plants might catch in your area, when to plant what, and on and on.  That’s their job.  The government sets them up, sets up an office, lets them do a trial garden, and gives them a staff.  Your tax dollars pay for all of this–so go use it!  They are friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and (most importantly) they will help you to become a master gardener.

An additional advantage of using your local Extension Agents is that they know all about trees, shrubs, fertilizers, and soils.  I don’t know about all of those particulars for every specific area around the country and the world.  All I know is about SFG and growing more in less space. I whole-heartedly recommend that you look to your Extension Agency for all of your local pest and plant problems.

Find your local Cooperative Agricultural Extension Agency Office Here: Happy Gardening!